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Postcard from Fuerteventura

January 11, 2012

This trip to shoot a campaign for ‘Mint Velvet’ started very early one Sunday morning, 3am to be exact…

My driver took me to Stansted airport, the furthest of all the London airports from my apartment in South London, you kinda feel you’ve driven to Scotland.

I met Nicky, Gemma, Kolbrun, Anna, Liz and Jack (Jack was the only guy to infiltrate our women only team) at the airport and we were off on our adventure.

Ali (one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with) and her team, collected us at Fuerteventura airport, and drove us to the shoot. Neither my green juice or the two lattes on the plane were doing the trick, my body refused to believe it was daytime and that I shouldn’t still be in bed!

I have to say I tend to get weary going to the Canary Islands so often, they’re popular with European clients and I kinda understand why. Great weather is always guaranteed, (unless you’re travelling with a ‘rain God’, me!) and it’s a quick 4 hour hop from Europe. There’s no time change so you can easily start working at 4am with no jet lag excuse.

Funnily enough this was my first time on the island of Fuerteventura and I was nicely surprised. The sand is almost as white as the Caribbean and beautifully dune-like, unlike any other Canary Island I’ve visited. Most of all I was mesmerized by the landscape, it was like being back in Utah’s Monument Valley, absolutely breathtaking! And what’s up with all those goats? Goats, EVERYWHERE!

So we were all there, very tired but with a fabulous catering team, they were Austrian and the food was very similar to Czech food so I was happy (and very greedy!)

We managed to get some great shots despite the cloudy weather and me running around snapping backstage shots of the team, annoying everyone I’m sure.

I got to drive a beautiful 1960’s Mercedes, which was super cool but a bit tricky with all those goats, which scarred the hell out of the car’s owner who was watching with a terrified look in his eyes!

After a quick 2 days we were back at the airport saying goodbye, great new friends and what an adventure!


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