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February 14, 2012

 Well, I hope you are all seeing big red hearts everywhere and are snacking on the huuuuge boxes of chocolate candies from your loved ones!

It’s my BIRTHDAY today and I thought I would share with you my favorite photo from my childhood, for several obvious reasons

1) my missing teeth

2) our perfect basin fringes (this picture always makes me wanna have a fringe again?)

3) my sister and I wearing almost matching outfits that our mum made.

Somehow the red and white checked tablecloth gives the picture a retro vibe, or is it just me

I’ve been busy all day shooting at the gorgeous Dorchester hotel in London’s Park Lane and I have a 3 am call time tomorrow! I’ll definitely celebrate my birthday and party all night go straight to bed, but before I do so I’ll put some sexy heels on big wooly socks on and have a lovely glass of red big cup of dandelion tea. I’ll wear my Herve Leger dress Marks &Spencer men’s pajamas. I’ll be all fresh tomorrow on my shoot as I won’t go to bed at all because it’s 8pm and I’m already in bed. I love my rock’n’roll life!

I hope you all have nights at least as crazy as mine! Have a lovely Valentine’s!

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