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March 6, 2012

You know that unfortunate muscle cramp you sometimes get while swimming? Or the shooting pain in your knees while running? I hate it! Like it’s not enough that you already dragged your ass out of bed, the last thing you need is your body providing yet another barrier.

I tore a tendon in my knee a few years back and it gives me reoccurring problems, especially while running long distances or on uneven surfaces, like Finsbury Park in London, one leg is always lower than the other, no matter what you do?

I started to do a little bit of ‘research’ and have learnt that marathon runners all around the world are given ‘CHIA SEEDS’ in their race packs to combat these problems.

Chia, or ‘Salvia hispanica’, is a native plant of Mexico and Guatemala and the seeds were used widely by Aztec civilisations throughout history. They are extremely rich in:


Fibre – to rebuild energy after a long run

Protein – to regenerate your bodys cells

Antioxidants – great for the immune system

Omega 3 fatty acids – for lean muscles

As well as essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and sodium.


I have been using Chia Seeds for just a few months now. I usually get them ground, so I can add them easily into my porridge or mix it with my green juices or soups. They are also sold whole grain if you are adventures and want to bake your own bread.

Since using them I’ve had much more energy, yes again, even more! I find I’m able to run further without having to stop for a ‘knee break’ and my legs don’t feel as heavy as I reach the end.

Oh and swimming, you could call me the ‘crampoholic’, seriously, when swimming the crawl, after a few lengths I get horrid muscle cramps in my calves, every single time. Since including Chia in my diet, the muscle cramp has improved no end, it hasn’t disappear completely, but I can definitely do more lengths without stopping. Magic!

You can get Chia seeds in any health food store, Australian brands are the most common as they are the world’s largest producer.



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