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Landing in Los Angeles…

March 16, 2012

…It’s been a while since I lived on the West Coast and God I miss this place. I miss the weather, as much as I love London and I do, it’s not always the best weather-wise. I miss hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, I miss running on the beach, past the Baywatch Tower in Malibu, soundtrack on my iPod pretending I’m Nicole Eggert in slow motion.

I miss all the local fresh produce, even the ‘Whole Foods Market’ stores here seem better than their counterparts in NYC & London. I miss dining Al Fresco, celeb spotting and pretending I’m so cool I don’t care. I miss trips to Napa, the National Parks, San Fran, Las Vegas, San Diego & a quick hop to Hawaii. I miss driving West on Mullholland Drive at sunset, before hitting the Pacific Coast Highway and heading north for a cocktail in ‘Moonshadows’ as the sun disappears into the ocean.

I miss been shocked by the plastic fantastic and the gaggles of mums or pensioners exercising in gangs on the sea front, as dolphins play off shore. I miss the Sushi (best outside Japan), the poolside bars and both surfing & skiing on my doorstep. I miss shopping in ‘Resurrection Vintage’ and getting the best stuff before they ship it East to their Manhattan store. I even miss my favorite ghost ship ‘The Queen Mary’ and the quaint little tram that takes you to the amazing Getty Centre.

It’s so great to be back, I’m not here long and there’s a hell of a lot to cram in. So off I go, forget jet lag, no time! Gonna pick up a car and get busy! So exciting!

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