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A working day through Instagram

April 1, 2012

I thought I’d share a typical day in ‘my office’ with you… Well, I don’t think I really have ‘typical’ days, they all have a different rhythm, call times and locations vary. This post will show how my day often evolves when I’m in and out of a city for a shoot.

This time it was Hamburg to shoot for ‘Tchibo’, so quite easy, no long haul flights, no jet lag, I was actually able to squeeze some exercise in as well, seriously hard as I had a steak dinner the previous night and I don’t recommend running with a cow in your stomach!

3:35am my alarm clock goes off- dreadful!

3:45am off for a run, more around the park than through it for safety reasons, it’s still pitch black

4:35am back home, my man has squeezed some fresh orange juice for me. We’re so into it now that we actually bought a very posh ‘Alessi’ citrus juicer, it’s an amazing machine, I definitely recommend it. The sourness of the oranges and grapefruit is amazing and really wakes me up

5:20am car collects me, off to the airport



6:20am arriving at Heathrow



6:45am in the lounge trying real hard not to eat those amazing bacon sandwiches, I also squeeze in a sneaky latte from ‘Pret’



7:50am watching the sun rise, people waiting at the gate for boarding, taking off right on time (very unexpected)



8:30am having my green superfood powder, the stewardesses always look at me funny when I give them back a very dirty greenish looking glass, I see them wondering what happened to the water they initially gave me…



10:30am land in Hamburg on time, this is all going too well?!


11:00am taxi to studio and my ‘sightseeing time’, all I see in Hamburg on this trip is the ‘Heinrich Hertz Tower’ from my car window



11:20am arriving at the studio in Behringstrasse, make-up time



12:20pm make-up done, we start shooting (sorry no backstage photos to be shown until the images are published)

06:00pm wrapping up, taxi back to the airport through busy Friday traffic



07:00pm waiting…with a cup of fruit watching sunset

09:00pm taking off

09:45pm (London time) landing in London

11:00pm back home and share the day’s gossip with my man

12:00am bed time… at last, asleep in seconds!


Good night and have a great April’s fools day!

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