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NYC Castings…Thursday

May 10, 2012

I opted for very comfy clothes today. I’ve got lots of appointments and castings and I also need to catch a flight tonight, so comfort was the way to go. I’m wearing Ray-Ban sunnies, Alexander McQueen pashmina scarf, Marc Jacobs blazer, Topshop Boutique silk top, J Brand jeans, Prada bag and my favorite’s, the most comfy shoes on the planet, Chanel pumps. ¬†Louboutins are hiding in my bag, of course, heels are needed for what I call ‘the elevator switch’. I am able to switch from flats to heels in an elevator in 5 seconds, oh yeah, I’m a PRO, I’ve had 11 years of practice!

Thinking about it, I wouldn’t want to see myself on those buildings security cameras, it must be hilarious. Add six thousand girls in town doing the same thing all day, I imagine security guards around NYC sitting down with a beer and some popcorn for some great theatre nights.

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