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London Baby!

May 24, 2012

I’ve just landed back in London, yuppie! So weather please be good or else! I already miss NYC of course, so typical…

I’ll be back there soon just in time for fashion week, but I am in LONDON NOW and I’ll be bringing you a little bit more about my London favorites…

What is really on my mind though are NYC’s one and only ‘flying cockroaches’… I hope they’ll keep away from my wardrobe while I am not there. You’re hearing right, flying cockroaches, they are too huge and disgusting to be flies and can’t be real cockroaches because they attack you while flying. I really don’t know what they are, but they’re definitely to watch out for when you’re in NYC! Beware!

I have my family coming tomorrow, so exciting, it’s their first ever trip to London.

Off I go, no time for blogging, lots of cooking, unpacking and preparations to do!

Oh and I have a lot to tell you about my most recent NYC finds, most of all I got to meet so many inspiring people in the last couple of months that I have to introduce you to!

So keep comin’!

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