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My tip of the week… The ultimate salad dressing

October 10, 2012

It’s been a while since my last ‘tip of the week’, so here we go:

I’ve recently started sprinkling my salads with organic ‘Beauty oil’ (by Viridian), instead of just an olive oil dressing.


It’s a great source of essential fatty oils: Omega 6 and Omega 3.

Including these fats in our diet is absolutely vital for our health.

These essential oils have been proven to reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, allergies, eczema, depression and many other diseases:

Omega 6 fatty oils and it’s conversions prevent blockages by keeping blood thin, lowering blood pressure and helping to maintain the body’s water balance. They also improve immune and nerve functions.

Omega 3 oils and it’s conversions are essential for proper brain function, as well as also maintaining the body’s water balance, controlling fat levels and improving your body’s immune system and metabolism.

This bottle of ‘Beauty oil’ offers (all cold pressed and organic):

flaxseed oil (a great source of Omega 3, sporadic in our every day diet)

hemp oil (another Omega 3 source)

avocado oil (essential oils and vitamins)

evening primrose oil (source of GLA – gemma -linolenic acid, Omega 6 grand child)

pumpkin seed oil (apart from other essential oils, rich in Omega 3)


You see, this is a super dressing!

1-2 teaspoons a day on your salad will do the trick and you’ll feel like a new person.


I’ve found it in The Whole Foods Market or you can order it on-line at: Amazon or Viridian Nutrition official site.


Keep it refrigerated to minimise the light and oxygen damage. I wouldn’t recommend cooking with it as these oils are prone to heat damage, so they generate very damaging free radicals. Instead try and cook with coconut oil.


Have fun with your salads, your skin will look amazing in a few weeks as well.

I’ll try to post some of my favorite salad recipes soon!

Adela x

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