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I’m testing…

October 18, 2012

As you know I’m an enthusiastic runner.

The one thing that slows me down from time to time is my knees.

So after getting a great pair of trainers with a solid cushion support, I decided to try the running pants by CW-X (here is where to find them).

They are meant to squeeze you in (that works magic by itself) and support you to run the correct way. They have a specially designed ‘Support Web’, which helps to band muscles and ligaments together and take the strain away from the knees.

I’ve done few runs wearing them and so far so good! My knees were definitely able to keep up for longer distances and they didn’t hurt afterwards as usual. I’ve bought a second pair already! Will keep you posted as I’m running half marathon in these at the end of November. 


PS: I’ll post some exercises soon that concentrate on your hip muscles, these will also help you run correctly and take the strain away from the knees.

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