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The Little Black Jacket

November 8, 2012

What I love the most about Karl Lagerfeld & Carine Roitfeld’s exhibition, is how the prints both beautifully and confidently represent people’s personalities, at least in most cases! I’m not implying that I see Anja Rubik as a Geisha who has a fetish for Queen Elizabeth II.

Anna Wintour’s portrait says it all, it seems to describe her personality exactly, the way she wants the world to see her. Milla Jovovich’s ‘skeleton’ is sexy, animal, a little bit off in a way but ultimately as beautiful as the Chanel flower that sits on top of it. Sarah Jessica Parker looks so full of life, beauty and energy. Joan Smalls represents sexiness in a very classy way and she wears the exact little black jacket that I want! One of my favourites was Laetitia Casta, as it seemed to tell a whole story, in my head she was a mourning widow with lots of secrets, the portrait was quite dramatic, I hardly noticed the jacket.

Check it out for yourselves, these were my favourites:


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