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Hotel Series: Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

November 28, 2012

In Lloyd Hotel, you’re a prisoner of its history, its walls talk if you listen. Get lost in the long arched corridors and imagine its inhabitants, maybe the emigrants who were transported around the world by the Royal Dutch Lloyd company. Perhaps the prisoners of war who were caged here or the artists who lived and worked on these premises, trying to gain inspiration from the hotel’s past.

Often when I’m here I wonder around those long, school-like corridors picturing what might have happened here. Often I get to chat to a lovely ghost over a cup of tea, you’ll find ‘tea stations’ on each floor, and we share my favorite treat De Ruijter chocolate flakes, you can steal these during breakfast service.

Original architect: Evert Breman

Hotel architect: MVRVD

Interior design: over 40 designers, Slovakian born designer Lucia Luptakova was responsible for the room interior design



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