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Map your run: Clapham & Wandsworth Common

December 16, 2012

Back to my favourite running locations…

This week I did my favourite US run, the Central Park loop in NYC, it’s just over 11k, but today I’m back to running my all time favourite- two parks near my London home- Wandsworth and Clapham Common.

There’s nothing better than living between the commons. Apart from having a great ice cream van parked in them all the time, summers and winters, there are absolutely no excuses when it comes to running.

I like to get around both the commons on the same run, even-though between the two I have to be on the roads.

Here’s the run:


Where: Wandsworth Common & Clapham Common, London


Mileage: You can vary it to your mood but to get around both parks is around 10k (6 miles). You can obviously  zig-zag around and make the run longer. My usual running map is below.


Challenges on the way:

Cars and crossing the lights, apart from that it’s easy and fun fun fun run!


So why I like it: 

Both parks are wild and lovely. I especially love Wandsworth where you run around a beautiful pond. It feels like being lost in the tropical jungle with it’s low branches and wildlife, especially during foggy and rainy days, which of course are a plenty in London.


See you there!

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