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Tested… Shock Absorber Bra

February 11, 2013

Shock Absorber

A friend of mine has introduced me to this bra!!


This is how our conversation went few months ago:

Me: I’m doing my half marathon soon and haven’t figured out my boob area. I’ll have to use lots of stickers and plasters!

Her: Why would you do that? Where do you want to stick them? (She was already picturing it and making a painful expression)

Me: Well, kinda everywhere. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from people who haven’t used them.

Her: Nonsense, get the ‘Shock Absorber Bra’ and you won’t need anything else. They will stay in place!


Well, I listened, I got it, in my NYC favorite ‘Paragon Sports’, and I tested it over and over again on both short and long distance runs. She was right! (she’s probably reading this thinking: Of course I was right!)  It’s the best running bra, take my word for it! Just make sure you get the right size and try it out.

No more shocks!


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