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Because it’s Valentine’s Day…

February 14, 2013

My loves

Because it’s both Valentine’s day and my birthday today, and I feel so loved up, I thought I’d bravely tell you about all the things I love and can’t live without.

First and foremost I love my future husband.  I never ever even dreamed of finding a man who’s as weird and crazy as I am. I adore our families, the coolest ones we could have ever found, well not like there’s a farmer’s market for families, so I guess that was luck! My amazing friends, who after all these years still put up with my changing energy, loudness and excitement levels, especially after a latte or two! I acknowledge I’ve got a problem there, I’ll try to reduce my caffeine intake I promise.


But now let’s get to less obvious things, what else do I love?
(Not necessarily in this order):


I love photography. My camera is my child, it’s as heavy as one too.

I love drawing, designing and sewing clothes. My mum used to be a men’s suit maker, so she taught me a lot of things. My sewing started with dresses for Barbies (and I don’t just mean cutting the top of a sock), continued through my sister’s and my high school’s prom dresses and then to my every day wear. I just wish I had more time to do it.

I love research, yes, research. Ask those mentioned above to confirm it. Especially for my travels, give me a Lonely  Planet book or a National Geographic magazine, leave me alone for a few hours and then we’re ready to travel the world in precise detail. I’m the type of person who reads instruction manuals from cover to cover. I know it sounds horrid, well geeky and it is I agree, but ask my man, it gets really practical in certain situations.

I love traveling, adventures, different cultures and mentalities. That’s what keeps me going in the job I do. There’s no better feeling than getting  to know a new place, different traditions and foreign languages.

I love studying and being a student, it can’t get much geekier can it, who is this boring girl? There’s just something comforting about it. I learn it and then I know it, I either pass the test or not, simple as that, nothing more needs to be proved or questioned like in the real world. It’s logistical and rewarding.

I love hiking, that’s my meditation. Will share my favorite hikes soon.

I like everything about fitness, health, nutrition and positive psychology. All things healthy, natural and sporty make me happy.

I like drawing and illustrating. I’m not there yet and I need to take lots more classes and practice, practice and practice, but I enjoy it so much, more every day.

I love acting, not there yet either, but I love pretending to be someone else. A good acting school is on my list at the moment.

I love planes! Well who doesn’t, right? My father is a commercial pilot and my dream is to be one as well. I want to learn when I’m pregnant, yes I’ve got it all planned to the detail! Sounds awkward ? That’s when my schedule will be less busy, at least I hope so and I can concentrate fully when I’m based in one place. We’ll see, that’s one of my dreams.

I love art and museums, I can spend hours there. I can guide you through London’s National Gallery with closed eyes and describe every art piece, especially the Caravaggio and Turner era.

I love writing my blog, which are all my loves above combined.  I love to share my experiences and pictures and in the future I’d like to act as a little guide book, the model’s guide book, that people can print out or iPhone app to be inspired on their adventures and travels.

…. Oh … and I like latte! Caffee latte, lots of them… but you already know that.

Now your turn, tell me about your loves?


Photo source: Property of Clogau Gold


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