February 17, 2013

Simona Rydlova

I’ve known Simona for 12 years now; we first met in London where we braved castings together in harsh, rainy February weather. She was actually the one who introduced me to Starbucks, I had no idea what Starbucks was at that time or that anyone could charge that much for a cup of tea, almost my weekly pocket money at 16!

She has done so well and is now Editor in Chief of InStyle magazine’s Czech edition. We recently bumped into each other again at NYFW and she was lovely enough to share her fashion tips and thoughts on the shows in a short interview.

As we’re both Czech, therefore did the interview in our own language, I thought I should post it in Czech also; there are a lot of us out there!


Everyone would love to know, what does the Editor in Chief of InStyle magazine enjoy the most about fashion?

I enjoy its playfulness, fashion is fun and a form of communication for me. You can say a lot without opening your mouth. Also it concerns everyone, every one of us must wear something in the morning.


Can you share five pieces that you feel are a must in your wardrobe?

I can’t be without my leather jacket, black high-waist pants, lace lingerie, mini skirt and men’s shoes.


Which designer was the most exciting and caught your eye during this season of NY Fashion Week?

Oscar de la Renta’s show was beautiful, those silhouettes and see-through gloves, gorgeous, the whole fashion world was on their feet clapping, I also enjoyed the head to toe prints from Diane von Furstenberg and the shining colors at the Michael Kors show.


Do you have a quick fashion trick that always saves you’re a*s*s?

I bet on quality when it comes to pieces I wear everyday, such as a coat, silk scarf or leather jacket. Things I can throw over anything and make it look good.


I loved your hat piece; it’s a great combination of comfort, warmth and elegance. Can you tell us where it’s from?

It’s from a Prague boutique called ‘The Item’. The brand is Smart&Pulse.


What inspires you the most?

Everything that surrounds me inspires me, people, paintings, music. I have different moods so my needs and inspirations can vary on any particular day.




Kazdeho by zajimalo, co sefredaktorku ceskeho InStyle magazinu nejvic bavi na mode?

Baví me hravost. Moda je pro me zabava a forma komunikace. Clovek toho spoustu rekne, aniz by otevrel pusu. A take to, ze se to tyka vsech. Kazdy si musi rano neco oblect.


Pet veci, ktere nesmi chybet v tvem satniku?

Nesmi mi chybet kozena bunda, cerne kalhoty s vysokym pasem, krajkove pradlo, minisukne a panske boty.


Ktery designer te nejvic zaujal tuto sezonu na NYFW?

Prehlidka Oscara de la Renty byla nadherna. Ty siluety, pruhledne rukavicky. Dokonala krasa. Cely modni svet povstal a aplausoval ve stoje.
 Bavily me take potisky od hlavy k pate u Diane von Furstenberg a zarive barvy u Michaela Korse.


Mas nejaky rychly fashion trick, ktery te vzdycky zachrani?

Vsazim na kvalitni kousky, ktere nosim denne jako kabat, hedvabna sala nebo kozena bunda. Prehodite je pres cokoliv a je to dobre.


Tvoje cepice s vleckou je uzasna, libi se mi kombinace tepla a elegance, muzes prozradit odkud je?

Je z prazskeho butiku ‘The Item’, znacka Smart&Pulse.


Co te nejvice inspiruje? 

Inspiruje me vsechno kolem me. Lidi, obrazy, hudba, ale hlavne moje nalada a potreby, ktere ten den mam.


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