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Another day at the office…

February 22, 2013

Adela Behind The Scenes

Do you like my hair?

It was a long shoot yesterday in Connecticut, and I had time to ask my hair stylist, famed Edward Tricomi (alias Edward Scissorhands) to give me and my readers some tips on how to achieve this springy braided look. I feel like this winter has been going on forever, so spring bring it on!

What will you need?

A hair brush, few bobby pins similar to your hair color, 4 thin rubber bands, perhaps some hair spray & magical hands!

Adela Behind The Scenes Hair

I’ve put it into 7 simple steps:

1 – Part your hair in the middle and divide it into two sections. Use a bit of hair spray if needed to make it sit.

2- By using two thin transparent head bands (the more transparent they are the more polished it will look), make a low ponytail on each side of your head, slightly below your ears.

3- Now it’s time for braiding! You have two choices, either a regular braid (which is in the main shot of the first photo) or a fishtail braid (which is on the close up shot of the first photo). I prefer the fishtail and I’ve done an illustrated guide on how to do it:

Fishtail Braid Guide

4- Braid them by repeating those three illustrated steps and then tie them off with a rubber band. Loosen the braids and mess them up as much as you want. Tip: The thinner the outside hair length you’re transferring, the better it looks.

5- Then bring the braids forward and around towards your forehead, they need to follow your hair line nicely.

6- Pin in place while arranging them, play with it until you’re happy use hair spray if you like. I’m not hair spray crazy, so I go without it.

7- Now SMILE!

Final Result

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