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March 28, 2013


At last, let me introduce you to the wonderful Kristen Arnett! We finally managed to be in the same country at the same time long enough to do the promised interview over a lovely breakfast at Hu Kitchen (which is an amazing super healthy new restaurant btw).

Kristen is ‘THE MAKE-UP ARTIST’, a person I go to with any little skin concern or make-up question I may have. She knows everything skin related and she’s a nutrition geek as well!

Kristen is a super active person, 8 countries in 8 days is a norm to her and she kinda rubs her lust for life off on you, after time with her you feel you too can travel the world and solve all the world’s skin problems in a day! I asked her few questions about how to keep our skin healthy when travelling, what is THE spa place to go to in NYC as well as other beauty tips. I’m sure you’ll have tons more questions for her, so do definitely check her Green Beauty Team website, which is full of great and inspiring content. If you’re a model, I would totally recommend her ‘Model SOS’ consultations here (contact me for 25% discount!). Your skin will be reborn!


Here is the one and only Kristen Arnett:



You’ve given me so many great tips for my skin type and my lifestyle. I especially appreciated your flight kit advice. What ‘routine’ should every girl follow on a flight to keep her skin fresh and healthy?


First, I’m so thrilled to hear that my advice has so positively affected your skin and overall health. This is part of the reason my job as an eco beauty expert is so fabulous – because the results I’m hearing about from models, around the world, are inspiring!


For every model, her skin, body and health are incredibly important for her work and earning potential, as well as how confident she feels on set. As you know from sitting down with me, building a worthwhile routine is a much more in-depth conversation about specific needs, which is exactly what I offer now in my “Model SOS” model specific consult.


Just for your readers, I’m happy to share a couple of valuable, skin-saving tips that any model can easily manage on the run.


Whenever you have a plane to catch and want to look and feel as fresh as possible upon landing, internal hydration is the priority for maintaining health and beautiful, clear skin – and it helps with jet lag!


Definitely Don’t?

Caffeine seriously dehydrates the body, so avoiding coffee and black tea on planes is best. Sugar is also a culprit for ruining skin. Therefore a sugared coffee or black tea is one of the most damaging combos to your skin while on a plane, not to mention if you are also taking it with milk that can cause skin fare ups in many people.


Definitely Do?

Bring your own reusable water bottle on the plane, preferably one that will also keep liquids warm (my favorite bottle is from Hydroflask). It must be empty to go through security, but once you are on the other side you can fill it with water from the drinking fountain or ask a bar to put in hot water to use for making herbal tea. So make sure to bring your own herbal teas and honey packets and you’ll be all set!


If a girl was to just do those few things alone to keep her hydration high, it would definitely help her overall appearance and energy level after travel. In my “Model SOS Consult” I go into much more detail about which teas are particularly healing for skin, and other specialty items that help boost hydration and ward off jet lag – including my famous immune boosting, jet lag banishing “cocktail” recipe.



What is your favorite restaurant/coffee place in NYC?

You may have already guessed this, but I don’t drink coffee – I’m a huge tea fanatic. My favorite place for tea and food in the city is Radiance Tea House. It’s a rare find in mid-town Manhattan that not too many people seem to know about (yet I risk changing that by sharing it here). They have a wonderfully zen vibe that makes you forget the city noise, free wifi, and deliciously prepared and presented food and teas. Their menu of teas is enormous, including a range of supreme wellness blends, which are wonderful, though on the pricey side.




What NYC spa would you send models to after a busy work schedule or a day covered in loads of make-up?

There are 2 places on my list because each has a different purpose.

First, for facials and skincare Pratima Day Spa is hard to beat. You get calm just walking through the door into this cozy, nurturing and warm space. They use their own products made with all natural, Ayurvedic ingredients to soothe sensitive skin.


The other place I recommend for the worn out, beat down and jet lagged is Yelo Spa which offers a whole variety of treatments, but the package I love is the foot reflexology and nap. First you get a healing food massage to help rebalance your energy, and then you nap in a specially designed chair to maximize your level of rest, while aromatherapy scents relax you and music lulls you into a dreamy state while you are cozied under a cashmere blanket. It’s a must-do for the girl who is exhausted. In fact, that reminds me I should make an appointment now…



I’m obsessed with your website, the ‘Green Beauty Team’, you’ve taught me so much. What is your goal and where do you see the company in five years?

Well thank you so much – it’s great to hear that kind of feedback for something that I’ve put my life force into. My goal for Green Beauty Team is that it is able to reach and inspire hundreds of thousands of people globally. I’ve put together experts from various fields of beauty to help women find the best ways to truly care for themselves because I truly care about people living the best, healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible. Natural beauty is one big way to help that happen.


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