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Boston bound…

January 7, 2014

Train Snack

I hope you all are all having a great 2014 so far. However if you are suffering any post holiday blues, let me just assure you that no-one has had a train journey this year like the one I’m having right now!

Let me give you some specifics…. after a crazy day of castings in -17 ℃ (fyi we would really appreciate some spring weather, people from London and Prague, can you hear us?), I finally managed to get my ass to NYC’s Penn Station to catch my train to Boston (all the flights were cancelled due to a bad weather).

I’m currently on my third train as the first couldn’t leave due to the crazy weather conditions (heard that somewhere before?), second one actually left with a huge delay, but broke down about an hour ago and dropped us off somewhere in the middle of nowhere to wait on a platform in -20 ℃. All the passengers were patiently waiting for a white horse in the shape of a train with a working engine to come and save us, which thank heavens did after the frost gave us some proper bites. So at this point, I’ve been traveling to Boston for four hours and still have four more hours to go, this is usually a 45minute flight.


My day won’t be over anytime soon though, if I’m lucky I’ll get to my hotel at around 1am, but I still need to squeeze in my Marathon training. You’re thinking: “crazy woman”, and you’re totally right, but without training and hard work, there’s no Marathon and there’s always going to be a reason not to do it. On top of that I still need to look super fresh and photo ready for my 7am call time tomorrow, well today morning (not sure when anymore).


So how horrible has my 2014 been so far? Let’s get real… I’ll be happy to see Boston, a city I love very much, I’m so blessed to be healthy enough to actually do my Marathon running and I’m very grateful for being busy at my job. So let me refrain from all this misery: my 2014 has been amazing so far and I’m currently on an exciting trip to Boston and can’t wait to meet new inspiring people tomorrow.


Have wonderful 2014 with all the good stuff and the bad stuff, so you know what the good stuff is. Stay positive and cheers to amazing adventures.


This is my green juice snack I prepared for my journey and was super grateful for it half way through my trip, although I have to admit I’d prefer it hot to warm me up in those bloody freezing temperatures, next time… As you can see, there’s some carrots, a green apple, some micro greens and two celery sticks, all the veggies look super sleek thanks to my new ‘Manhattan’ chopping board.


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