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These Boots Are Made for Hikin’

November 21, 2016



Here it is, my favorite pair of hiking boots, they’ve gracefully and safely taken me down and back up, the Grand Canyon & to the top of Morne Diablotin. They’ve waded me through almost all of Dominica’s 365 rivers, as well as the rivers of Kauai. They got me safely from Dominica’s Boiling Lake to Yorkshire’s Malham Cove and Janet’s Foss, so we could snack on those homemade sandwiches and English tea in a flask (the best out there, made by my hubby’s mum). They’ve helped me climb many more peaks, Santa Monica’s Mount Allen as well Upstate’s Bear Mountain and the most special one yet, Wai ale ale in Hawaii. They let me explore countless canyons from Crete’s Samaria Gorge to America’s Bryce Canyon through the sun sank Antelope Canyon. They kept me going, blister free, on endless adventures from the Monument Valley to my favorite, the beautiful forests of Hlubočinka in Czech.

Ahh, how badly I want to go hiking now!

Boots, Asolo

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