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Easter Weekend

April 24, 2014

Easter Weekend 1

Sometimes it feels like a lost fight from the beginning, like going into a boxing match with Apollo Creed, there’s just no chance, unless of course you’re Rocky…… Or in fact Ivan Drago, okay bad example!

I’m talking about my ‘lists’. I make lists for everything; I even make lists of my lists.

It somehow works for me, it keeps me organized, I even color code them (geek!).  3 schools, 2 jobs, I’d say there’s just no other way, but is it just a false system from the get go? Is there ever gonna be a list that’s completely checked of before yet another one appears?

Easter Weekend 2

Of course I made one for Easter weekend. What was on it? All the best things:

My weekend was to be very touristy and lazy as my brother is in town.

This year I actually got Monday off, which never happens, if I remember correctly I’ve worked every Easter in the past 4 years. Here we go:


My Easter Weekend To Do:

–       flight school on Sat

–       do things my brother hasn’t done yet in NYC

–       write 2 citizenMag articles

–       write a review for Modellist-ID (Sunday deadline!!)

–       bake my quinoa granola, tweak my recipe

–       study Chapter 2- Flight Instruments

–       run half-marathon

–       paint eggs for Easter

–       visit Philadelphia with my bro

–       stretch every day TWICE/knees are bugging me

Easter Weekend 3

Easter Weekend 4

Easter Weekend 5

Easter Weekend 6

How did I get on?


–       My Saturday started as usual, 5:15am and I was off to my Long Island flight school. The weather was superb so it allowed me to learn landings properly, we call it ‘touch and go’. I successfully landed the plane five times, very exciting! I got more confident talking to the JFK Tower and felt both fulfilled and drained (in a good way) when I got back home at 4pm.  flight school on Sat CHECK study Chapter 2- Flight Instruments CHECK


–       Then it was time to eat as I hadn’t eaten all day (I call myself a nutritionist). It was also a perfect opportunity to introduce one of the best things in Brooklyn- Smorgasburg flea market to my brother. The market just opened outside in the park for the first time this year, it looks like the polar vortex is definitely over. My brother not only loved the food, even more so he enjoyed the spectacular views of Manhattan. do things my brother hasn’t done yet in NYC  CHECK


–       I also did some serious knee stretching & strengthening right before my amazing man cooked us some dinner. Honestly if I didn’t have him I’d starve to death. stretch every day TWICE/knees are bugging me CHECK


Easter Weekend 7

–       Sunday morning was on a lazier note. I baked my quinoa granola  (recipe coming tomorrow) to feed the Capova brotherhood for the rest of the week. It’s delicious, although my brother prefers his omelets. bake my quinoa granola, tweak my recipe CHECK


–       The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita followed, my green juice central, to let my brother taste some seriously amazing brunch and they didn’t disappoint. do things my brother hasn’t done yet in NYC CHECK


–       Central Park was my next stop (well, 2.5 hours later as I had to digest my brunch) and I happily ran yet another half marathon, but this time under the blossom trees, at last! run half-marathon CHECK


–       Stretching and writing followed. write 2 citizenMag articleswrite a review for Modellist-ID (Sunday deadline!!) CHECK & CHECK


Easter Weekend 8

Easter Weekend 10

–   And of course we ended the day with food again, this time at our Italian favorite, Acqua Santa in Williamsburg. do things my brother hasn’t done yet in NYC CHECK


–       Monday was a proper day off, it started at 4:30am but for a very good reason. Off we went to Philadelphia to explore this cool city. visit Philadelphia with my bro CHECK

And what did we do there? We got surprised all over again at how small the Liberty Bell is and even though many of you challenged us to lick it, we didn’t manage to do so, sorry! We got lost at my favorite, charming Elfreth’s Alley, checked out where the first American flag was sewn and then got very spoiled at Philly’s treasure, Talula’s Garden. We ended the trip running up the most well trodden steps in the world, the Rocky Steps, and I felt like the Italian Stallion did after his match to Apollo Creed, not only did I see and learn so many new things, I had so much fun with my bro, I also defeated my weekend list, I wooooon!


We got home right before midnight, just to get some stretching in again and a good night sleep before a busy day at work, only to wake up at 3am with horror when I realized I didn’t paint any Easter eggs?!! You bloody lists, I’m totally done with you!


Easter Weekend 11

Easter Weekend 12

Easter Weekend 13


PS: If you’re thinking of visiting Philly anytime soon, don’t forget to check out my Philadelphia guide here, update version is coming soon!


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