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June 12, 2015

Sarah in Nine West Hat

Have you ever looked at a list, detailing all the different types of hats there are in the world, it’s a long list, it’s a science, let me tell you!


I tend to wear hats more in the summer than the winter, but I do love them and I should wear them more often. Optimistically, I always pack them when I travel, both for work and vacations, but all too often they stay in the room. Maybe they get a couple of outings, the flight in and the flight out, as I don’t want to squash them in a case.

There’s always a reason not to wear a hat, it’s either too windy (and I’ve done my share of chasing them down the street), or it’s just too hot, it’s not the most comfortable accessory when it’s 30C. I don’t wear them for castings, simply to avoid the line across my forehead.


Unless you’re invited to Royal Ascot, when is the right time to wear a hat? The only time it felt right for me was in my cowboy days (read- my week long vacation in Grand Canyon), I forgot I had it on, my priority was staying in the saddle!


One of my most stylish friends, Sarah (you know Sarah), wore her hat so effortlessly in a shoot we did together in Miami, maybe I should reconsider my hat approach? What are your hat tricks, when do you wear them?

Sarah’s hat is from Nine West


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