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October 31, 2016



It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to find your own perfect way to hike the Machu Picchu trail or, whether you’re trying to figure out where the least touristy place is, to snack on a coconut chicken near Angkor Wat. Perhaps you wish to discover the best street spot for the tastiest pho in Vietnam. Perhaps you have an hour to spare and you’re wondering where are the most peculiar master pieces and artists to explore at Rijksmuseum? Are you looking for an original shopping experience when in London or maybe, you wish to find the perfect waves in Hawaii? Lonely Planet has all the answers for you and it’s my personal favorite ‘go-to-guide’ I never leave the airport without one. I read it cover to cover (flights are long), cause I simply cannot put it down. It never disappoints, it’s never dated and it always picks the local spots over the touristy ones.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I just go and explore without any research in advance, there’s a whole other adventure in this approach, but if you enjoy reading and have limited time on your vacation (as the Cooper family always does), it’s great to know where to go and not waist a minute.

Lonely Planet is a bridge to local culture, you’ll get to know the countries from a local perspective, it will help you make friends with the people. It will make things that intimidate you in foreign places super easy and it will push your boundaries and challenge you into the craziest adventures.

It will help you realize that the world we live in is not a big one at all, actually it’s a small, tiny place, but so versatile, incredibly diverse, colorful aplenty and so indescribably beautiful to explore.

With this I’d like to kick off a month full of adventures on my blog. I’ll share my favorite hikes around the world, show you what I usually snack on to survive these extreme and awesome adventures. I’ll also share what I like to wear and finally have some city and island guides ready for you as well.

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