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My tip of the week…. Green Superfood Powder

January 12, 2012

This is my magic food supplement.

I like to add a rounded tablespoon to my green juice each morning (Liquiteria uses it as well) and I mix the same amount with a glass of water in the afternoon or evening (yes, that’s the scary looking green drink in the picture).

It is especially great after an intensive workout or run as it’s very rich in protein and minerals. It can temporarily satisfy your hunger as well and give you the ‘kick’ you need on a long shoot.

For nerds like me, here is a bit info about what makes it work, it’s organic ingredients are:

– chlorella (a form of green algae), which is about 65% protein

– spirulina, of course! (blue-green algae) is approx. 60% protein, both algae are full of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids

– kale, another green vegetable with cholesterol-lowering benefits

– dandelion, which has amazing kidney and liver cleansing properties (dandelion tea is great too)

– burdock root, antibacterial, rich in iron, eliminates toxins and waste in the body

– cayenne, anti-inflammatory and high in detoxifying your body

– flax seed, full of omega-3 fatty acids, this also lowers cholesterol levels, especially in women

– chia seed, chia means ‘oily’, approx. 65% of omega-3 fatty acids

The ‘Green Superfood’ is available in small packets too, so they are perfect to take on a flight.

This is actually a good ‘travel trick’. As you know liquids over 100ml aren’t allowed on planes so there’s no way I would be allowed through security with a huge bottle of something green! The solution is to buy water at the airport and add the powder when on board.

It helps improve my health and my energy levels. This stuff rocks!

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