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Seed up!

February 28, 2013

Seed up

This is a superfood bomb!

What we’re really trying to achieve for health and beauty, is to get the optimum amount of vitamins, minerals, good oils, protein and other essential nutrients into our bodies with minimum effort and without having to constantly gauge ourselves?

Well it is more than possible! A spoonful of sesame, sunflower, flax, chia and pumpkin seeds allows us to do exactly that, without putting undue stress on our digestive system.

I like to premix all these seeds in a jar so I can use them easily on a daily basis. Every morning I take a mixed tablespoon of these five different seeds. I freshly ground them, as their nutrients are better absorbed this way (you don’t have to, do a week’s supply at a time if you like). I then add them to either in my green juice, my porridge or simply sprinkle them on a fresh fruit salad. It’s essential to keep them in a dark sealed container and refrigerated, otherwise they won’t last long.

So what’s so magical and healthy about them? Well, everything!

Seed Grounding

They are one of the best sources of Omega 3 (flax & chia) and Omega 6 (sesame, sunflower & pumpkin) essential fatty acids.

I could go on forever about how these essential oils are beneficial to our bodies, they are absolutely crucial for our health. Omega 3s and their conversions (what the body breaks them into) are important for brain function, vision, coordination and our general mood, they also lower bad cholesterol. Both oils improve the immune and nervous systems and help maintain blood sugar balance. There are ongoing studies discovering even more of their healthy benefits every day.

Seeds are also rich in minerals magnesium, pottasium, phosporus, manganese and copper.  Pumpkin seeds (or pepita- I prefer this name- it’s cooler) are a great source of iron and zinc. Sesame and chia seeds are rich in calcium and are used to help treat osteoporosis.

Seed Jar Premix

They all are natural antioxidants, especially the sesame seeds, therefore they prevent damage caused by oxidation, pollution and fried or burnt foods. Many common diseases are associated with a deficiency in antioxidant nutrients.

Seeds are also rich in dietary fiber that helps us absorb nutrients.

All the seeds are a great source of protein, our bodies’ building blocks. Pumpkin & sunflower seeds contain tryptophan, an amino acid (proteins are made of amino acids) that has anti anxiety properties and is used to treat clinical depression and as a prevention to mood disorders. So if you feel like you’re about to shoot someone, eat THE SEEDS!


All this in one spoonful! Convinced?

Now seed up!


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